4th U.S. Infantry

Civil War re-enactors in and around Washington state.

Big Name Pol Predicts Another American Civil War

Posted by greenlakenick on February 23, 2009

NOTE: The views expressed herein are the views of the author only and are not necessarily those of the 4th’s other members or management.

Two weeks ago I wrote in these pages about predictions being made about another American Civil War. Another big name has joined the ranks. Alan Keyes, a oft-times candidate for president, said last week that if the United States does not “stop” President Barack Obama, it “is going to cease to exist.” (More.)

Now Mr. Keyes’ opinion must be taken with a grain of salt. He is widely regarded as a bit of an eccentric, and if you’re writing a term paper and need good authority, he’s not the guy to cite. But just because you’re an eccentric doesn’t mean everything you say is wrong.

As for me: I think he’s wrong, but I fear he’s right.


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